¿Qué es el preconcurso de acreedores?

Activity 11. Insolvency proceedings

Now, the aforementioned order of the Provincial Court of Barcelona has given the reason to a professional to whom a civil court had rejected the request to initiate an insolvency proceeding for not having more than one entity to which she owed money.

This ruling is consistent with the Consolidated Text of the Insolvency Law, approved in September 2020, which already allows professionals to have only one creditor and file for insolvency proceedings if, despite not owing money to several entities, they are insolvent.

Until now, this situation has given rise to bizarre situations. For example, many self-employed people stopped paying the telephone line in order to have more than one creditor and get the courts to accept their insolvency proceedings.

If the termination of the company is not carried out correctly with an insolvency proceeding, both the self-employed individuals and the corporate self-employed may have to respond with all their assets for the debt contracted by the company.

Creditors’ Meeting

The mercantile court nº 2 of Malaga, in compliance with the provisions of article 35 of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2020, of May 5, which approves the Revised Text of the Bankruptcy Law, announces:

5º.- That the creditors of the insolvent party must address to the Insolvency Administration the existence of their credits in the form and with the data expressed in articles 256 and 257 of the TRLC. To these effects it is informed that the appointed Insolvency Administration has been the entity Robles Díaz Asesores de Empresas, S.L.P., with Tax Identification Code B92045053 and in its representation Mr. Juan Carlos Robles Díaz, economist and lawyer, with postal address: Plaza Uncibay nº 8, 2º-8 CP 29008 Málaga, telephone number 952217346 and e-mail address: [email protected].

How to overcome an insolvency proceeding?

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Formación de concurso de acreedores (UGT-FICA)

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